Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dividing chives

Yesterday I dug up and made 4 new plantings of the chives. This is the first year my chives have actually done well, and they make a lovely little bush with purple flowers, so I figure that even if I forget to eat them, I do enjoy watching them grow, flower, and go to seed. I actually did dehydrate some for winter use and plan to do that again before winter.

We got the hoophouse frames up and while I was going to share photos, internet explorer crashed on my while attempting to load, so it'll have to wait another day when I have time. Today it's off to a gardening friend's house to return some pots and glean a few 'mater's and make either salsa or tomato sauce. I haven't put up anything to speak of food wise, and I would like to dry some more okra and make salsa and basil/garlic tomato sauce this week.

May everyone's fall gardens be bountiful!