Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knitting with color

My favorite online knitting supplier these days is by far Not only do I love working with their pink corded circular needles, before Christmas my dd#2 and I bought each colorway of their Sipalu bag kit. An amazing value, for about $50 including shipping, we got supplies for 4 bags, each kit came with more than enough yarn to knit two complete alternate colorway bags. I decided I didn't like the pattern's strap and wove one on my inkle loom.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity and the funniest thing started happening this fall...I've been busy with anointing with oils and playing taxi mom with one in vo-tech not driving by herself yet. My husband was working way too many hours in town and out of town and sometimes out of state.

We kept getting water in the basement and it wasn't raining. Hot water tank cracked, so replaced that, only ruining one shopvac before realizing we were overfilling it before dumping. Dry floor for about a week, then the washing machine seal went, so we were back to sucking up water till we figured out the problem and then hit the laundromat for several weeks. At some point the dishwasher that's fairly new quit working first. Then the garage door opener refused to work. Then we noticed we couldn't shut the sliding glass door on the sunporch anymore. Turns out the whole porch settled an inch due to a 1/2 eaten by termites board that needs replaced.

Last year I heard about this book titled something like "My Car, Myself" in which the guy lists what health problems in the driver result in which car problems -- the gist of the book is that if your cars keep having the same kind of trouble, it might be the driver, not the car. I haven't read the book, just heard a book report about it. So when the house started fallin' apart I had to laugh because my husband is Mr. Fix-it man and it was like the house was saying it was done staying in order without him.

One of my friend says that computers will function IF her husband is home and that they can act up all day long and as soon as he's home, they suddenly work fine again.

Just as people can taste the difference in food made with love, I think our house knows I don't want to live in it anymore. I do however want functioning appliances and to make a home for my family wherever we live, so I'll endeavor to be sure my house doesn't take my wanting to move elsewhere personally. Dani Johnson has a story on one of her CD's about being a good steward and thankful for her smaller downsized home before she was able to move on again to a different home. I'm going to be more consciously thankful for the warmth and shelter my house provides us. Handwashing dishes still and the sunporch will get fixed soon, new hot water tank and new washing machine working well and the garage door is fixed...