Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - cherishing the time

Every day is a gift. My hubby bought me a new phone, mine was several years old and thus a tadbit outdated, though functional. For just a few bucks and a few bucks more each month, I have a much better phone from which I can access the net and email. Now I just have to learn how to use it :)

The women in the new testament were the first hospice workers, I've decided, bringing emotionally cleansing oils to those men on the cross helping them to confess and repent and showing them such compassion and love, before meeting the Lord, what more merciful act could there possibly be? I read a book of things that Mother Theresa said and about her life that changed my life when Cassie was very little. She said something to the effect that she saw Jesus in every person that had been basically dumped on her doorstep and despised and neglected by their own loved ones. Mother Theresa's unfailing love for whoever was put in front of her is still an inspiring example to me and her thoughts on the ill helped me to take care of Cassie even when I was exhausted and spent.

Someone close recently wrote to tell people to cherish their marriages, as her husband life fades away, she's processing and feeling the guilt of perhaps not relishing the time enough that they had, knowing it's coming to a close. May the Lord help her to list and praise Him for the Good Good times they've shared and release him back to the Lord.

Thank you for the sun and your son, Lord!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lambs 4 and 5 of the season

The white one is a little ewe and the black with white is a little ram lamb.