Sunday, July 11, 2010

Young Living Free Lavender Summer Essentials Kit

Young Living Free Lavender Summer Essentials Kit

Young Living has awesome specials each month, so easy to get your own account and business with them! (my member # 941653)

Night bloomers

These are bush moonflowers that I've grown the past 9 or more years, since falling in love with them at a friend's parents house and the mistress of the house sharing the abundant seeds with me. Last night there were 59 blooms open, they're beautiful and smell so heavenly.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunflowers - Hopi Red

The sunflowers are really beautiful this year, I'm growing more and the birds are happy! I had quite a few sunflowers re-seed themselves from last year in the front yard, and so I've transplanted about 3 dozen to the main garden. I attempted starting some mammoth gray from older seed, and I think only one has come up. The petals on this one are long and beautiful.

new landscaping :) uncluttering continues

yesterday's work was very productive as 3 men took out the cattle corrals and a section of old perimeter fencing (the new perimeter fencing was completed last month, but the old section was still in need of taking down so the kids and I helped take off t-post clips and roll up the fencing while the stronger guys pulled up the t-posts and one on a tractor pulled up corrals and any posts too stubborn to pull by hand.)

I've wanted this done for a while. When we bought this place the 2nd owner back had been a welder and had collected a lot of scrap metal, the previous owners cleaned up some and then we also had a man come haul off a LOT of remaining odds and ends metal. Now with just another couple hours work, there will be 3 nice sized and now beautiful clean pastures to rotate my sheep through. We have one small section of fenceline that we still need to move, but for now the fencelines are much cleaner and the sheep aren't down at the neighbors every other day where they feed their cattle!