Sunday, August 29, 2010

Folks, Treasure your babies!

OK, I ended my previous blog with this post and a number of events have occurred that remind me I cannot stay silent about what's happening to our children. We're in a major health and spiritual crisis in this country and every single person out there is responsible. If you see a young mom or a pregnant woman, every thought you think has the opportunity to bring life or death, just as every word you speak to her does. Folks, the youth of this nation are dying from cancers, crazy illnesses, and neglect and it doesn't have anything to do with poverty, we were the wealthiest nation, but our lack of Biblical values has turned the tide. Choose LIfe and encourage moms to raise their own babies in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

A tribute to a precious little one I knew:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last entry - Death by Pharmaceuticals and lack of mothering

Thanks folks, it's been fun to share this space for a season. My life has changed, and I'm moving from Glory to Glory.

Driving back from doing town errands yesterday, it hit me that my last post needs to be about a sweet little girl who is no longer with us. I first met this child via her pregnant mother as the grandmother was a neighbor of ours.

I was very happy to meet her because to me every pregnancy is to be cherished and nurtured with great gratitude.

The grandmother shunned my gift of some copies of Above Rubies, saying it would be condemning to this mom. Within 6 weeks of delivering a beautiful baby girl, the mom went back to work and shuffling baby to daycare and grandma and the doctor visits and pharmacy visits were in full force. Of course she didn't breastfeed because that's too inconvenient, formula is so easy. The entire family smoked, and so of course baby girl had breathing problems and was given 'breathing' treatments.'

One Friday night fellowship at our home, baby girl came with grandpa and grandma and danced and danced before the Lord and us as people played guitar and sang praises to the Lord. Thank you Lord for this sweet memory of this babe who came before you just as she was.

At age 3, the mother found her body in her crib one morning. The autopsy said it was a brain aneurism, and nothing could have been done. I choked when I heard this and choke now writing it. Folks, this is another case of death by pharmaceuticals and a mother who preferred working and letting someone else raise her children. The mother Could have bathed her baby girl in love and the Word and breastfed her and stayed home with her and NOT given her baby toxic medications.

May those of you with girls to influence give them a vision for MOTHERHOOD, it saves lives and brings JOY. And those of you with young men around, teach them the importance of providing for and encouraging women to raise their babies in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Children are an heritage from the Lord.

Lord forgive us

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Seasons of life - homeschooling transitions

My children are now 21, 16, and 12. When my oldest was merely 3 (I had made a stupid choice in marrying a man I thought was 'spiritual' when in reality he was one the Bible tells will always be like a wild donkey) and I prayed for the Lord to bring me a 'Christian' husband, I had no idea what a journey I was beginning. It's a journey that I do not regret, going from glory to glory is never dull and yet I've had peace that passeth understanding through a series of trials and come out singing still I will say "blessed be the name of the Lord!" His Word endures forever and He is the way, the truth, and the life.

My oldest daughter recently thanked me for raising grown-ups. At a time when most don't have a clue what they want in life, she pays her own bills, works 2 jobs, goes to school, has her own young living business, and still manages to prioritize family gatherings. DD#2 started office computers and multimedia classes at vo-tech and is really excited about the program. both girls are amazing self-starters, something I think is good fruit from the way we lived our homeschooling days using Charlotte Mason ideas, praying, letting the anointing teach.

So, now my job changes again as primarily my homeschooling job is now a matter of working more with my son. He's quite different from the girls in his interests and already reads fluently and can for the most part be reminded to do his penmanship and math lessons. I want him to grow in the Word and skills with tools and to find a few more areas of interest outside of computer gaming. I'm thinking we'll make the aquaponics project his to manage, if he shows more interest in it. He has enjoyed our goldfish in the livestock waterers.

The Lord's timing is so awesome and perfect. As my younger children are so close to leaving the nest, I've entered into new fields of healing studies and business ownership. As usual, learning all the time how much I don't know, but thankful I don't have to know it all, I know the ONE who does. I wake up excited to see what the Lord's going to bring next!