Tuesday, June 22, 2010

garlic, onions, chives

This first rather messy looking photo has lambsear, moonflower, horseradish, onions going to seed, and parsley going to seed. I love parsley and have never seen it flower and go to seed, so thought it would be fun.

I pulled up the elephant garlic today and am happy with the production I got for the limited effort. This garlic was just plunked into the beds I created by just putting a shovel in the sod, planting something, then mulching around it. My rather OCD gardening friend just can't believe that I can do that and something will actually grow and produce -- he's got perfectly tilled, perfectly lined up, perfectly labeled, perfect rectangle gardens. My gardens are sort of like island jungles a lot of the time, I get one under control and then forget about it till harvesting something brings some order again.

After pulling up the garlic, I clipped off the onion tops/seeds and chive seed heads. The chives are starting to bloom a second time. I love growing things that I don't have to re-purchase seeds or starts for the next season.

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